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The My Child Knows series is a collection of educational games designed to promote recognition of Mandarin Chinese by young children. It is designed to entertain while encouraging children to hear the distinct sounds of Mandarin Chinese. Why not make your child's playtime, educational time too? Toddlers find the bright pictures and simple interactions engaging, parents love it as an educational toy. A planned Android market release is expected in 2012.

Adult learners and older children may be interested in the Polyglot Cubed Game for learning more than 150 Mandarin Chinese words.
Mandarin Chinese has distinct sounds that become harder to learn as people age. Exposing your child to the sounds of Mandarin Chinese will aid their understanding in the future.

Please note that the American Academy of Pediatrics suggests limiting time that children spend in front of screens. This software does not make any claims to teach Mandarin Chinese, it is merely provided as a means of exposing children to the building blocks of language comprehension and use. Like any software product, parents should be responsible in its use and application.